Product design for internal and external apps.

SnapSupport: interactive, mobile app that connects users to experts via video assistance, for any issue or fix, a la TaskRabbit meets Facetime + Angie’s List.

Clouddex: mobile app for 9,000 employees to connect and schedule meetings, etc. A clean, friendly, sophisticated interface provided a framework for many users, forms of communication, and interactions. 

WorkStyles: desktop + mobile app about people and the changing nature of work beyond devices.

Backstage: Citrix’s intranet, that provides all employees with the latest company news, holidays, work travel portals. Hosts info on benefits, pay, healthcare, career path, etc.

XenMobile, now Endpoint Management: enterprise mobility management desktop app that provides total mobile freedom for employees with full IT control.

Deliverables: wireframes, IA, UI/UX design, visual design, mobile design, responsive design, content strategy
Citrix Snap Support
Citrix Snap Support wires
Citrix Clouddex
Citrix Clouddex mobile
Citrix Clouddex blue sky
Citrix WorkStyles mobile
Citrix XenMobile


Allison is at once a pleasure to work with, and an incredibly talented visual and UX designer. She always delivers on time, on spec, and is a great collaborator and team member. I've worked with her on several occasions and wouldn't hesitate to hire her again, or to recommend her to a friend. ­
- Andrew Day, while Director of Product Design at Citrix
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